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Cognishield Brain Boosters – Can we become super smart with Smart Drugs?

Cognishield :- They improve mental activity and stimulate cognitive function, learning and memory, increases brain resistance to various damaging factors. “

Different nootropic drugs act on the body in different ways: some directly affect nerve cell (having a direct effect on it), some – improves cerebral blood flow, having anti-hypoxic effects, causing the body to better dispose of oxygen (i.e. have an indirect effect on the brain).

Today, it is believed that one of the main mechanisms of action of nootropic drugs is to effect on the neurotransmitter systems of the brain.

Neurotransmitters – a biologically active chemical substance. It is due to them that electrical pulses are passed from one brain neuron to another via synapses. Neurotransmitters provide postsynaptic cell activation when the signal is transmitted.

In addition to effects on neurotransmitter nootropic drugs may affect the utilization of glucose and oxygen to the brain. They improve the exchange of nucleic acids, and activate the synthesis of certain proteins or ATP.

(Adenosine Triphosphate- a substance that serves as a universal source of energy for all processes occurring in the body).

Let’s start with the fact that this class of drugs include agents with different pharmacological properties and effects.


The ingredients making Cognishield are;

  • Piracetam –An active ingredient that helps to prevent blood clotting systems. It helps to keep defects in brain caused by clotting of blood.
  • Noopept- An ingredient that works to boost the working and functionality of neurons and other transmitters.
  • Choline- Considered to be an essential brain nutrient, choline helps in the production of neurotransmitters.
  • L-Theanine –it keeps your brain active and alert and has a relaxing effect on the brain.

CogniShield Trial

Working of Cognishield

They operate as follows:

  1. Stimulate brain circulation;
  2. Improve the delivery and absorption of glucose (it is easier to penetrate the blood-brain barrier between the blood and the nervous system and the brain is no shortage of energy);
  3. Prevent hypoxia (oxygen starvation) of the brain;
  4. Improve interaction between the prefrontal cortex and other brain areas, speed up the exchange of information between its hemispheres;
  5. Stimulate cognitive functions, handling and storage of information, affecting the production of certain neurotransmitters, by which neurons communicate with their “messages”

Reviews and clients speak:

My father used to suffer with Alzheimer two years back. Nothing worked this much great as Cognisheild. He is getting better and better with time. And now we have observed no severe side effects till now.

Cognishield changed my life. I used to suffer from memory loss and used to suffer from Alzheimer. Things were really hard for me to remember. My friend recommended me after consulting with his doctor. And today, I am living a normal lifestyle.

Cognishield- Is it different or not?

It is a modern drug with neuroprotective effect. It is prescribed to stimulate the work of the brain, improve memory. Active components of the drug helps to increase the stability of brain tissue to different injuries. For example, as a result of injury, toxic injuries, hypoxia, and so on. This reduces the extent of damage to brain neurons.


Cognishield: minimum of side effects with the drug action

The effectiveness of the drug Cognishield

  • Application Cognishield recommended for memory disorders, emotionally labile disorder or any other cognitive dysfunctions of the body. First of all, it concerns the elderly.
  • As a result, improvement in information processing is notable. It results into more efficient use of motor skills and speech apparatus.
  • Cognishield therapy may be required in the case of craniocerebral injuries, asthenic disorders, cerebral insufficiency, and reducing intellectual productivity.
  • The drug is also prescribed after a stroke.
  • Cognishield treatment in such cases is positive, they confirm the effectiveness and tolerability of the drug.
  • The drug is enough to easily tolerate by the body, is not addictive, so there is no withdrawal. During treatment does not change the cell structure and biochemistry of blood, do not suffer from internal organs and systems.
  • In terms of interaction with other drugs (in combination therapy) has no side effects and limitations: Cognishield compatible with different groups of drugs.

Contraindications to receive Cognishield

There are a number of specific contraindications for the appointment of the drug:

  1. Pregnancy and breastfeeding- During clinical trials, it was found Cognishield no immune toxic, teratogenic and mutagenic properties. This means that the drug does not violate embryonic development, does not cause change (mutation) of the genotype, no effect on the human immune system.
  2. Age 18 years. Most parents have questions about whether it is possible with the help of Cognishield stimulate memory and learning ability in school. To date, the drug is registered as a remedy for persons under 18 years of age. Admission for children is only possible in exceptional cases strictly under medical supervision for indications in which the benefits of receiving Cognishield outweighs the potential risk of negative impact.
  3. Hypersensitivity to the constituents of the preparation. In addition to the main active ingredient in the composition, Cognishield present additional components:
  • Povidone,
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose,
  • Potato Starch,
  • Lactose Monohydrate,
  • Magnesium stearate.
  1. Violations of the activity of the kidneys and liver. Risk and compliance status of the patient described restriction defines his doctor. It is necessary to assess not only the current state of the functioning of these bodies, but also the potential risk of complications provoked by drug intake.
  2. Alcohol. Although the use of alcohol does not affect the metabolism and action of the active components of the preparation, is not fully understood the risk of side effects as a result Cognishield its joint use with alcohol.

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Where and how to get Cognishield?

You can buy Cognishield online but you can also get a free trial online from our website. We provide free trial to clients from all towns and cities. So click any of the link mentioned and get your pack today! 100% free trial products are available to help you test the functionality of the drugs before buying congishield packs online.

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